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The Joe Christ Journal

Pure Hype For You To Digest

Joe Christ
18 June
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Joe Christ: filmmaker, musician, artist.
This journal contains lots of pics, music files and video clips, as well as constant updates my various projects including:

1) My new movie - "That's Just Wrong!" - starring Little Sebastien, Dolores French, Nancy A Collins, me...out now! Check your local papers (or here) for a screening near you! And buy the DVD!

2) The recent release from Ripoff Records on CD of material by LOS REACTORS, a band I was in during the early 1980's. NOW AVAILABLE!

3) The DVD releases of my movies, from Dept 13 Films. In addition to the new "That's Just Wrong!" release, Volumes 1 and 2 of collections of my short movies are currently available...Volume 3 comes out Spring 2006, with "My Struggle" & "Amy Strangled A Small Child" on it.

4) The new CD release from Long Live Crime Records of music I wrote and recorded between 1983 and 1996..."Essential Christ" is in stores now! (Tower, Virgin, and other fine chain and indie stores)